Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Don't Get It...Yet

I’ve always understood setting up a room to look nice. On the 1st day of spring, it’s perfectly logical to turn the couch to face the newly blossoming garden, and to switch out the dark red drapes for the sunlight-softening sheer ones, and to put two more vases on the mantle, perfectly spaced, to display the long-awaited Double Delight roses from the front yard. Then my wife can stand back and say, “I like it.”

But what I’ve never understood is starting all over on the 9th day of spring.

“What are you doing?” I would ask, with Logic at my side, as my wife rearranged and replaced.
“Just changing some things around,” she would answer.
“Well I see that, but why? We just set it up perfectly,” I’d respond, with Logic nodding in hearty agreement.
“I just wanted a change.”


When she was finished working, I would be expected to comment.
“What do you think?” she would ask.
“It’s fine,” I would say.
“Well, what do mean, ‘fine’?”
“I mean, it looks just as nice as it did before you moved it all around,” I’d assert truthfully.
“So you don’t like it?”

At this point, Logic would turn to me and say, “I can see I’m not needed here,” and then he'd storm off in a huff.

Abandoned I would now be, alone without a clue – or so I thought . . .
More tomorrow.

Photo from Bringing it Home Sweden.


  1. She's a lucky woman, but I suspect you are a lucky man too!
    I think the advice you overheard at that bachelor party is stunning! We should all take it to heart.
    I enjoyed peeping in. Thanks, I'll be back.

  2. My thoughts of live with a creative woman....I love that :-)

    Good luck with your blog.

  3. A very lucky woman indeed! I absolutely love your wife's blog and I'm enjoying reading yours, too. Good luck with it in the future. I'll visit often.

  4. Haha ha!! I think it has something to do with creative energy....the feeling like we need things to be new and fresh...OFTEN!! lol!

  5. Hi, Adrienne,
    Thanks for visiting and for the good wishes. I'm glad you'll be dropping by.

  6. Perhaps logic abandoned the situation before you spoke. ;)


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