Monday, January 14, 2008

When the Student is Ready

Years ago, I read a story about a woman whose son was a chemist. She knew absolutely nothing about the subject herself. So she went to the local junior college and took a class, to learn to talk to her son about his passion.

I’ve never forgotten that story. But it has taken me 17 years to apply it.

So I’m beginning a new study program. I call it Design 101. I’m pulling out all my wife’s favorite design books, and little by little, starting to glean. One of my own favorites is Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed. Even when design used to make my eyelids droop, I was dazzled by how powerfully she creates magical, mystical settings, often with only one or two items.

I’ve also begun eyeing elegant websites by many of you, such as Lidy’s French Garden House and Corey’s Tongue in Cheek. I may have a lot to learn, but you all make it look like so much fun. I’m beginning to see how much I’ve been missing.

So for any interested masters out there, the student is ready . . .

Some of My Favorite Carolyn Quartermaine Creations


  1. Welcome to the wonderful land of blog! Prepare to be amazed with all the talented artists you will come across on your search. Happy travels!

  2. Hi Bill.
    Your blog is fastly climbing high up on the stair of my favorite blogs. Keep on :-)

  3. You are truly an amazing man . . . second only to my most wonderful husband in the world . . .. I hope your travels through the land of blog lead you to some wonderful, creative places that you will help fuel your creativity and bring you to a better undersanding of your wife's need to create.

  4. Bill, you are applauded by me and am sure many more women to take the time to understand the passion your wife possess.

  5. You know these photos are enough to make me drool.


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