Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Think I Get It Now

Having been abandoned by Logic (or at least my overly-practical view of it), I wondered if there was another way to understand my wife’s frequent room re-designs. I think I found one.

For her, décor is not just about reacting to the season or the holiday, or the function of the room. It seems to be about expressing creatively what she’s feeling inside. Life and relationships are always changing what she’s feeling, and so the palette on which she expresses changes accordingly.

I’ve always marveled at the sea as it endlessly and wondrously redecorates the face of the shoreline, placing shells in an elaborate pattern one moment, then moving them about in the next moment, and finally taking them back altogether. The rolling tide is living art, and the constant change is an essential part of its beauty and magic. So the ebbs and flows of my wife’s decorative expressions in our home are always beautiful. But more importantly, they offer me glimpses into her soul. Each one, like a photograph, tells me for a moment who she is, until the next moment when there’s something new to discover.

So I think the answer to my question, “What do you do with a wife?” is clear: let her express, let her create, let her be. And take the time to marvel.

The Latest Glimpse


  1. Oh yes, you definitely let her be!!! And take the time to marvel!!

    It all comes from within..from the soul..from images and visuals and colour inspiration and "feeling". You're getting it!! Soon the two of you will be pulling tug-of-war over a chair and where it should go!!! Play nicely though!! LOL!!

  2. Now here's a thought I've just had...I know you enjoy blogging (don't we all?!?! It's addictive!!)...BUT...what about writing a book for the men...a handy guide...something to think about!

  3. Oh my!! Nancy is truly lucky. Sometimes I think my husband is finally understanding what I'm doing, only to find out he must be partnered with that nasty Logic!! Yours is simply a "must read" for him!! Welcome to Bloglandia!!

  4. I was visiting your wife's blog and thought I'd pop over and see yours. I read all your posts and WOW! Does your lovely bride know how lucky she is to have a husband who wants to know her, really know her, not only to know her to marvel at her? There may be a book brewing in this blog!

  5. Do you think you could give my husband some lessons?

  6. How delicious to have found a window through which to see her better.


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