Friday, January 18, 2008


The Best of All Ways . . .

When Night stares the two of you in the face with the unspoken glare that means, “Go to bed!”, he’s usually right. Early to bed, early to rise is wise thinking. But there is another side to the Night, the hidden side, which you’re not really supposed to see. Like the revolving panel in the wall that leads to a secret chamber full of intrigue and mystery, if you can overcome the Night’s overbearing manner, you can push on one side of him and he opens . . .

. . . to Lengthen Our Days

Just a peek through the divide reveals another world: the air is either cool and crisp, or warm and musty, with the alluring scent of old world stories or new adventures to discover, and your senses tingle. At this point, you both realize you must either turn back immediately or expect to be gone – and awake – for a long time. Remember, tomorrow I have this and that to do, and you have here and there to go. We really shouldn’t . . . but then with a grin one of you grabs the other’s hand, leaps across the threshold and whispers, Come on!

. . . is to Steal a Few Hours

The adventure begins, revisiting delightful memories (“That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen . . . I don’t even LIKE peach cobbler . . . What was he thinking?!”)

or facing dark foes (“It’s not getting any better . . . That’s the only thing left . . . We’re going to have to say something.”)

or discovering new treasures together (“We’ve gotta try that! . . . Who wrote this? . . . Now THAT’S gorgeous!”)

And when at last the magic incantation brings you back (“Oh my gosh, what time is it?!”), you sleep, sometimes aching with laughter, sometimes worn with worry, sometimes brimming with new ideas, but always closer.

. . . from the Night

The Night’s purpose is to restore us, rejuvenate us, re-connect us. But it doesn’t always happen through sleep.

(“The Best of All Ways” quote is from Thomas More)

'The Painters Honeymoon' painted by Fredric, Lord Leighton


  1. oh! Swoon!
    The image of their hands!
    That is tenderness!

  2. I really like: 'The Painters Honeymoon' painted by Fredric, Lord Leighton. Very nice!


  3. A very intriging post! I love the quiet of the wee hours when the world is asleep. Its such a peaceful time...
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous read with us.


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