Thursday, February 21, 2008

What We Really Want – Part 1

“What is it that you want more than anything else?”

When we first hear this question, life’s pressing needs quickly holler out their votes with responses like, More money, or More time, or More of both. We zero in on what we want to have.

But as the question settles below the urgent, we may give responses such as, Travel, or Find a relationship, or Spend more time with family. Our thoughts move toward things we want to do.

But if we wait long enough, the question settles even deeper, down to the center of who we are, where the real answer always only whispers. That answer is about what we want to be. And I believe it says, I want to be invaluable to others.

Thank you for reading. More next time.


  1. Great post and I believe its very true.

  2. Hey you are right...thats true..

    I like when you say: I believe it I want to be invaluable to others.

    Very nice.

    Keep it up


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