Thursday, February 7, 2008

She Can’t Not Touch

Hello, All!
I’m so sorry for being away from Blogland for so long. Thanks for all the kind (and humorous) responses to my last entries. I promise I’ll respond to each of you personally soon.
I’ve been (happily) working on some urgent writing projects, but they have (unhappily) kept me away for too long.

Here’s the first part of a new piece I’ll complete in the next few days:

She Can’t Not Touch

(a poem by Bill Burns ©)

She can’t not touch, she can’t not touch
My wife, the artist all the time, just can’t not touch
Replanting flowers ’cross our land, re-dooring each old hutch
Don’t even ask about the drapes . . .
She can’t not touch

She can’t not touch, just can’t not touch
That “lovely” from the yard sale hears, “It just needs such and such.
A tweak like this, some color there, that bow’s a little much.
I’ll only change a little…”
’Cause she can’t not touch.

More tomorrow . . .


  1. That's sounding great.
    Mmmmm it has to be a girl thing!
    We just have to touch.

  2. Dear Bill,

    A little blessing candle is waiting for you to send it on its way at my blog.

    ~candle lights and blessings,


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