Monday, October 20, 2008


The word itself is delightful, conjuring up images of romantic Italy and exotic Spain.

In my mind, it’s always the center of a peaceful night time scene, where friends share favorite old stories, and lovers share just-between-us dreams.

In my home, it gently slows my pace, and I discover that I no longer talk, but only whisper.

Like a midnight snowfall, it gently quiets the world and makes time stand still.

One evening my wife hosted my parents for dinner. To our finest tableware, flower bouquets, and simple music, she added a special touch. My father sensed something was different. Tea lights flickered on tabletops, votives glowed behind colored glass, and a simple candelabra illuminated the ceiling. His eyes grew wide as he realized there was no electric light. “It’s beautiful,” he told us. Nearly 10 years later, that memory still makes us smile. With his recent passing, that memory is one of our most treasured.

Last Christmas, my wife greeted my gift with tears of delight: a pair of matching candelabras. For our new home someday, I promised. She’s already put them up.

A lighted candelabra always blends my memories of what has been with my dreams of what’s to come. It reminds me of who I’m from and who I’m with, of what I’ve been given and what I have now. In my busy scattered moments, it quietly catches my eye and reminds me of who I am.


  1. What a beautiful, candle lit post!
    Your writing is like poetry!

  2. This is so romantic sigh...

    You and your wife are such a lovely couple!

  3. This was beautiful. I really like how you connected design elements to what you're feeling, and the beautiful memories you have in a piece. Very moving.

  4. Welcome back, Bill!
    You are such a lovely man!

  5. What a beautiful memory your wife and candlelight illuminate for you of your father. Hope all is well in your new dwelling Bill!


  6. Candle light is essential for the romantic at heart. And oh what a pretty candelabra. Beautiful post about it.

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

  7. what a beautiful post:)

    Happy Birthday to You!!!

    I just read about it on Nancy's blog!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! What a lovely post & how romantic! Love the memories of your Dad. It made my heart smile & reminded me of my dear sister who is no longer with me but loved non electric chandeliers in her home. My last time at her home was a candle lit Thanksgiving dinner where all her special touches made me feel so special. Glad you are back posting!

  10. Your writing is so beautiful. What a gift, I hope that you write often. Karen

  11. What a wonderful memory and you expressed it so eloquently!


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