Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Parade

Hi ya, Gang!

My dear gal was most insistent that she be properly escorted to this gala event – and who better for that task than yours truly?

And as long as you all are helping her choose just the right Easter Bonnet, perhaps you can help me as well.

I’m stuck on these four:

Here’s a dapper twist on a classic look: an extra bit of tweak on the brim, and that dashing gray . . .

Here’s the reverse of the first, complete with accessories . . .

My wife’s personal favorite for me. (Is she trying to tell me something?)

And of course, The Classic.

By the way, I’ve been told I bear a remarkable resemblance to this man.

Does anybody know who he is?

Happy Easter!


  1. Will who could be more dashing than Fred Astaire - one of my all time favorites?! I like the first top hat with the gray trim - and my guess is that Nancy thinks you're fun-loving with her choice for you. :-) So glad you joined in the fun!

  2. I love that second one - how can you go wrong with a hat and matching gloves?

  3. I love the first one... with the grey trim... classy... elegant..

    And Fred Astaire... what a dapper dandy he was... how lucky if its true that you resemble him

  4. I like the second one. Happy Easter.....Mary

  5. Your top hats are all so elegant but # 1 wins my vote!
    Now, can you dance like Fred Astaire too? So cool!

    Hugs, Pat

  6. The second one is perfect for a spring day all you need now is a stylish cane…

    Happy Spring,


  7. Fun post! Since you're a Fred Astaire look alike, I think the "Classic" would be the way to go!

  8. Oh my goodness! I'll bet Fred would have worn the gray one for Easter.

  9. Beautiful hats! Hey...can ya dance like Fred too?

    : )


  10. I pick hat number two !!! lol Timeless... :)

  11. I like the lighter one as it will go so nicely with the frothy little hat I picked out for Nancy.

    Happy Easter,

  12. Well I hope Ginger has her Easter bonnet ready! I think you'd look dashing in any of those, but I'd still go with the classic...just soooo debonair.
    Happy Easter!

  13. Enjoying your blog such nice Easter Hats...

    I like the classic the best.

    See ya down the Easter Parade trail!

  14. I would definitely say the first hat is perfect. Bold and daring. Thanks for sharing! Haha, I'm a rhymer, who knew?

  15. Fred Astaire! A bit of trivia... Fred Astaire was very self-conscious about the size of his hands, which were very large. He often curled them under to diminish their size.

    I like your Thank-you project. I am going to begin working on it if it is still open to submissions.



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